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India Business Insight: a tool for intelligent desk market research

Newly added to Eposlink platform, India Business Insight (IBI) is the first and only comprehensive online research tool providing vital information to Indian business and industry information. IBI has been tracking and summarizing business and financial stories from more than 300+ Indian Business Publications since 1993, and contains data of 90,000+ companies and 12,000 products across 44 industries, thus making it invaluable to business analysts, market researchers, premier business schools, and consulting companies across the world.
This database incorporates 1.6 million plus business stories about any aspect of a company and the economy, and has been assisting the education sector in creating future industry ready leaders powered by the rich information where they step ahead.
IBI Research Bureau Team crafts Proprietor content and Info graphics which works and assists as Case studies and to make better Project reports.

Free trial period is available by request.

For institutional subscription the activation is done on IP basis which enables access to the database across the campus. There are no restrictions in terms of number of users, downloads, email forwards etc.

Individual subscription gives individual access on subscription model with username and password.