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Integrum WorldWide provides access to the largest electronic collection of 120,000 mass media sources from the post-Soviet information space as well as a range of analytical tools – Integrum Profi, My Integrum, Integrum Social Networks and Integrum Companies.

Integrum Profi is the largest archive of mass-media sources from Russia and the former Soviet Union with a range of analytical tools that help to draw the digital portrait of Russia and the ex-USSR countries. The archive contains almost 240 Moscow and almost 1,500 regional newspapers and magazines, almost 1,190 newspapers, magazines, on-line, TV and radio sources from the CIS and some other countries with the archive of some sources dating back to the late 1980s – early 1990s. The simple query language of its powerful search engine was specially tailored to meet the researchers’ needs. All the documents can be automatically translated into English. Today the archive contains 120,000 sources and their number is constantly growing.

Access to Integrum Profi is managed through either login/password or an IP based link for unlimited number of simultaneous users.


My Integrum offers profound analytical tools for studying the media space of Russia and the CIS countries – Customized News Feeds, Media Analysis and access to the mass media archive of the post-Soviet press. Customized News feeds are set by Integrum managers to meet each customer’s interests. The research tool allows to track mass-media publication trends on particular topics and arrange them by region, time interval, print run, audience and the ratio of negative to positive publications. Media Analysis offers ready-made analytical reports in form of diagrams and tables that allow you to trace trends in mass media publications in all subjects over a specific period of time, to view the ratio of positive and negative publications, to learn what mass media sources have the highest number of publications devoted to the Subjects of monitoring, to sort the publications by region etc. The Archive of post-Soviet media sources contains over 120,000 titles and dates back to 1992.


Integrum Social Networks tool was designed for monitoring posts from open profiles in the most popular social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Instagram and others.

The system tracks social media publications which mention the keywords and the topics of your interest and provide ready-made analytical reports. Author, age, gender, positive/negative context, popularity and other filters as well as data visualization allow to carry on in-depth social media analysis of the publications. Integrum monitors about 500 million profiles across the web with 10 million posts published daily. A user can set objects for monitoring and get customized reports just in a few clicks. When new posts appear the reports are updated automatically . The schedule of reports generation and their delivery to the e-mail address can be established. The service allows to analyze the modality of the posts (positive/negative), their dynamics (including an unusually high number of posts), to track the distribution of posts between the objects of monitoring, platforms and bloggers, to analyze comments and to get ready-made reports in forms of diagrams and tables.


Integrum Companies is a reliable analytical research tool for analyzing economic risks by company departments working with contractors, customers and competitors as well as for researchers interested in modern Russian economy. Today the service contains data on approximately 29 million Russian companies and private entrepreneurs, 22 million tenders and contracts with 300 thousand new entries being added to the database daily. The data is obtained from the Federal State Statistics Service, the Unified Official Register of Legal Entities, the Unified State Register of Private Entrepreneurs, the Federal Financial Markets Service, the Central Bank of Russia, the Federal Treasury of Russia and other Russian official sources along with reliable mass media and popular social networks. The archive dates back to 1992 and all important facts about companies and related people are automatically tracked.


Access to Integrum Companies, My Integrum and Integrum Social Networks is managed only through login/password.