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Legislation database of CIS Countries

Legislation of the CIS Countries, specialized law database containing more than 38 000 legislative documents of 11 post-Soviet countries, is now available on the new updated platform.

Users are able to:
• keep track of latest changes in the legislation of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, International Relations;
• make a comparative analysis of rules and law regulations of different countries;
• filter search by country, subject, key words and type of the document (Codes, Laws, Directive, Resolutions, Instructions, Tariff Rates, Rules and Regulations, Countries, Date range, Classification (Theme), Context search, Keyword search and others).

Sources of information

The main sources of information for the database “Legislation of the CIS countries” are the national electronic databases, the issuers of legal information, as well as electronic and printed publications. Cooperation with the operators of national databases and issuers of legal information in the CIS countries is based on long-term contracts.

Translating documents into Russian

In most CIS countries, legal documents are available in the national and Russian languages and have a status of “official translation”. In countries where the documents are available only in the national language, their translation into Russian is performed by professional legal translators.

Translating documents into English

Currently the translation of documents from Russian into English is carried out using technology of machine translation with the use of automatic translation application.
The application for translation is provided by PROMT LLC.
The purpose of the given stage of the project is to give the users a “tentative” translation which allows them to understand an essence of the document and if necessary order high-quality professional translation of the required documents.
As current translation quality can be estimated as “tentative”, the registered users are provided with original documents in Russian, so if necessary users could compare unclear parts of the text or make final translation independently.

License types

License grant you an ability to browse the database and open full texts of documents for one year. Each license type has its own advantages.

Number of users

After registration and purchasing a License, you have one account but with different number of users, who can work simultaneously with database (depending on chosen License).

Opening documents

You can freely browse the database without purchasing anything. You will see only first page of each document.

A customer can choose from a number of flexible access models:

– The license allowing unlimited number of simultaneous users with limited number of full-text documents from all countries in the database.

– The license for unlimited number of documents. The cost depends on the number of simultaneous users.

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