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eLibrary Open Access and 2023 Subscription

eLibrary offers around 3800 Russian scientific journals in open source access. Please refer to the website for more information – Prices for 2023 are coming soon and will be available by request –

Global Science Press is a New Publisher on Eposlink

Global Science Press (GSP) is a fast-growing publishing company focusing on the latest researches in mathematics, chemistry, physics and computational sciences. GSP journals include works of world-renowned scientists, and its Communications in Computational Physics Journal was named one of the best journals in mathematical physics in 2021. The company offers both print and electronic versions…

New Summer Books Offered by BiblioPlanet

*** EPOSLINK is an authorized agent of BiblioPlanet *** Bitter Wormwood of a Foreign Land. The Historical Fate of the White Emigration (1920–1939) Direct-Media, 336 p. Moscow 2022 BiblioPlanet Media Education of Students of Pedagogical Universities and Faculties as a Tool that Resists Media Manipulative Influences: Monograph Direct-Media, 188 p. Moscow 2022 BiblioPlanet Philosophy of…