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Newton Media: Eastern and Central Europe Mass Media archive and Monitoring System

Newton Media is a leading company providing access to mass media sources from such European countries as Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania.

NEWTON Media gives access to several services:

Newton Media Archive – the largest media database covering newspapers, magazines, television, radio and the internet from Central Europe with back search for more than 20 years.

Newton Media Monitoring – overview service of any topic from mass media from Central and South Eastern Europe.

Newton Media Monitoring

Monitoring is a great way to be informed about what is happening locally when it is not possible to offer access to mass media archive to the public due to copyright reasons.

Newton can either search for the clients’ topics of interest in their archive and deliver the mentions which already occurred in the past or set up an ongoing monitoring to keep the clients updated about future developments in the area of interest.

NewtonOne is user-friendly online platform that gathers mentions from printed media, websites, radio, television and social media in real time.

The user can edit the personal monitoring process by sorting the data into folders, evaluating them, exporting in branded templates and several formats, by authorizing certain subscribers to receive newsletters.

Why use Newton Media Monitoring:

  • free trial on a selected topic and keywords;
  • closer insight into a development of political, social and regulatory trends in the observed country;
  • recognizing the attitudes of key politicians, journalists, opinion leaders and the development of causes or issues of the user’s interest;
  • monitored sources: newspapers and magazines (printed versions), TV and radio news (full program transcripts), websites, newswires, social media, blogs.

To Get Free Access

If you are interested in free access to NEWTON Media, please send the list of IP addresses as well as administrators’ names and emails to .