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Prabook biographical database advantages

Prabook is the largest English-language biographical encyclopedia comprising 3 million unique entries.

It contains articles not only about celebrities but also about not so widely known persons, whose data were obtained from archives and old “Who’s Who” paper editions, while other encyclopedias represent famous people only.

The advantage of Prabook is determined by the large number of unique entries and also by the ability to search for people by different criteria.

Below you can see a comparison of Prabook with other popular biographical resources:

  • Prabook comprises 3 million unique entries: 2.4 million entries are available for subscribers, 0.6 million entries are public.
  • English Wikipedia has about 1.5M biographical articles. However, in the United States alone, for example, there are 3,242 districts, each has its own Hall of Fame – people that played a significant role in the development of their district and all of them are worth of mentioning in electronic biographical database.

When comparing licensed biographical resources we see that Prabook outnumbers them all. New articles are constantly added to the e-resource.

  • World Biographical Information System Online (WBIS) provided by De Gruyter has about 1M unique English-language entries. The data are presented in the form of scanned images of pages.
  • Gale’s Biography in Context service contains a proprietary database of 650K biographical entries that is 4.5 times less than Prabook database.
  • Oxford University Press provides standalone databases – American National Biography Online (19K entries), Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (60K entries), Who’s Who and Who Was Who (128K entries).

Users can also get the other advantages of a subscription:

  • Advanced search options.
  • Access to the map that shows locations related to people’s life events.
  • An exclusive knowledge graph that allows researchers to establish and visualize links between various people.

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