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Prabook Free Access

MIPP International is happy to bring your attention to a new e-resource which may be helpful for online research.

PRABOOK is an online biographical encyclopedia created to record and preserve information on individuals who have made a contribution to their nation, local community or any professional field, and on whom sufficient data can be found in books, magazines, public and private libraries, and archives.

Subscription to Prabook gives an access to around 2,4 million archival biographical articles, possibility of creating articles and conducting a profound search with knowledge graphs, access to the map that shows locations related to people’s life events

Prabook is a place where a user can find information about people of the past and present as well as add his/her own articles about people he/she admires, be it a scholar, local activist or a relative.

Subscribed users may conduct detailed search through categorized database which allows building knowledge graphs based on metadata

The most useful tool for researchers is an advanced search. Based on 13 categories, an advanced search allows users to find people by specific biographical facts, such as a person’s nationality, birth date and place, professional activity, place of education and place of work, political and religious affiliation and other facts.

To Get Free Access

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