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Qur’an Gateway: best-in-class tools for advanced academic study of the Qur’an

Qur’an Gateway is a research tool with advanced search functions in an intuitive interface for the critical study of the Qur’an and its early manuscripts.

With Qurʾan Gateway, scholars can now:

Navigate to any part of the Qurʾan in a variety of ways

Browse the entire text of the Qurʾan in side-by-side format with Arabic, transcription, and English

Choose from several English translations

Hover over any Arabic word to reveal a full parsing, then drill down further to see more details or expand your search

Search the text of the Qurʾan in English, Arabic, or Arabic transcription by word, root, or lemma

Easily access research works like Penrice and Lane at a click

Search for word associations

Search for formulae of 3, 4, or 5 words throughout the Qurʾan

See and search manuscript corrections, in most cases with photographs and detailed descriptions

Conduct an advanced search based upon other criteria of your choosing

Browse charts and graphs, and generate your own

Mark entries as “Favorites”

Leading scholars built Qurʾan Gateway to make the highest quality research and most current scholarship available to the wider scholarly and lay communities.

Expert Support provides more details on using the Qur’an Gateway so the user can go deeper in his/her research.

Free trial is available.