Light & Engineering is in part a translation of the Russian Svetotekhnika , one of the oldest (from 1932) and most authoritative journals in the world devoted to light and lighting research. This quarterly English edition carries the best articles from Russia and from around the world. The journal’s aim is to cover the most recent developments and trends in lighting research, technologies and applications from all over the world. Light & Engineering – is real international scientific journal, prints original, peer-reviewed contributions from all disciplines in the field of lighting engineering, including: Theoretical basis of lighting engineering Computer applications Lighting and visual perception Ballasts, Control systems Light sources and ballast Daylighting and installations Lighting fixtures Ecology and hygiene of lighting Light emitting diodes (LED) Applications of UV and IR radiation Hollow light guide (HLG) Lighting materials Design and maintenance of lighting installations Test methods and equipment Problems of energy saving Navigational aspects History of lighting Architectural illumination and lighting design Photometry and colorimetry Standards Принимает к публикации не только статьи из русскоязычной версии в переводе на английский язые, но и оригинальные англоязычные статьи.

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