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Russian Library Online “Lan’”

Russian Library Online “Lan’” is an electronic platform with an extensive collection of Russian academic and educational ebooks.

About the collection

The collection includes more than 53 000 books of the main Russian publishers and more than 300 academic journals. This collection covers classical works on history, philosophy, literature and other sciences; Russian and foreign literature in the original language; scientific and educational literature of the maximum number of specialized areas.

Among the publishers that cooperate with “Lan’” are “Mashinostroenie”, “Iurait”, “Finances and Statistics”, “MISiS”, “Fizmatlit”, “Flinta” “Dashkov i K”, “DMK-Press” and others.

Search and registration

The platfrom “Lan'” provides user-friendly search options:

  • basic search allows you to find a book, journal or article on all available data fields (by title, authors, other metadata, content)
  • advanced search allows to specify additional lines of search criteria and narrow down your results on different fields of resources.

To get a full access to the platform resources, the registration is required.
Registration allows using the electronic library in any part of the world where there is Internet. It opens a personal account in which you can add books and articles to your favorites, create bookmarks (add specific pages to your favorites), leave notes to your favorite entries, create and maintain notes, create and save quotes from books and articles.
Russian Library Online “Lan’” is perfect for the purpose of studying and improving knowledge of the Russian language, literature and culture.

There is an option to sign up for a free trial period.

If you have any questions or inquiries please use Contacts page or send an email to,