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The Digital Dissertations Library of the Russian State Library

Russian State Library is a unique repository of originals of the dissertations on all subjects and specializations having been defended in Russia beginning from 1944.

In 2003 the directors of the Russian State Library admitted the fact of the necessity to secure wide accessibility and preservation of the fund’s resources on the basis of modern technologies, which prompted the idea to create the Digital Dissertations Library of the RSL.


At present, the Digital Dissertation Library of the RSL contains full texts of almost one million dissertations and theses on all subjects defended in Russia and former Soviet Union states since early 1980th to the present. This number increases by 30000 annually – including 20000 dissertations of Master’s Degree and 10000 PhD dissertations.


To access “Digital Dissertations Library” Virtual Reading Rooms of the RSL are created (organizations, where the access to the collection of dissertations is opened). Users of the library virtually visit “Digital Dissertations Library” and read full texts of dissertations and abstracts.

Access for 10 simultaneous users is IP authorized. Users and members of the organization can work with the collection of dissertations through personal login and passwords which are provided by the administrator.

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