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The SCIENCE ONLINE XXII conference organized by eLibrary – Russia’s largest electronic library of scientific publications, with rich search capabilities and analysis of scientific information in the sphere of science, technologies, medicine, education, humanities.

The SCIENCE ONLINE conference organized by eLibrary is the main event for professionals from Russia, the near and far abroad, working in the field of information support for academic and applied research, education and knowledge-intensive business sectors. It has been held since 2003 and still remains the biggest event in the professional life of specialists in the field of scientific information.

Science Online XXII took place in Spain, Majorca, in June 2019. The main issues of the conference were:

  1. Languages of science: Lingua Franca, Mother Language or???
  2. Psychological and managerial aspects of bibliometric problems.
  3. Scientific journal of the future.
  4. Library as an information model of the needs of the organization.
  5. Problems of social and humanitarian science – is it a crisis?
  6. Fake science and scientific ethics.

Reports presentations are available on the web-site of the conference. If you have any questions or inquiries on the eLibrary subscription please use Contacts page or send an email to,